Los4Colores, is a family business with over 12 years’ experience in the field of personalisation.

Recently established in the centre of Fuengirola, we specialise in personalised items and souvenirs. With a large stock of shirts in our store, you can select from a wide variety of colours, patterns and sizes and we will produce your product on the spot with the design of your choice ……and always at unbeatable prices.

Most of our items are custom-made in our own store, to guarantee that the customer always gets the gift or keepsake that they were looking for. Just bring a photo and choose the item that you like; we will do the rest.

If you have a photo for the gift you would like and want us to make it or supply it, we offer our free picture and design service.

We also have items such as shirts and other souvenirs already produced, and we have a variety of handmade items, such as hand-painted tiles, clothing, trophies, etc. Don’t forget our in-house sign and banner service.

For a personal reminder of Fuengirola, you can get in Los4Colores. Visit us!

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