I declare a vested interest. Al-Andalus is my favourite bar in town. Open from early to late (later if football is on!) and with a wide range of snacks, tapas, churros and full meals. It has a large terrace and room for another seventy inside. So, it’s big but never too busy for the owners and staff not to say “hola” and pass the time of day with you. The menu is massive and in 7/8 years I have never had a bad snack or meal there. The churros are to die for and the fish is always a personal favourite. If you want to try something a bit “different” they are famous for their cous cous and their Arab desserts…..the diet can start the next day!

It’s almost opposite the Policía Local behind Deutsche Bank and in the same building as Hotel Reyesol. Equally, it’s 200 meters from the main “Church Square” at the end of C/Marbella.

Reservations/Special Requests 626 736 630

C/Marbella 41
29640 Fuengirola