Casa Dani

Ah, Spain at its brilliant best. Bar Casa Dani is a true gem in the many rough diamonds and other not-so precious establishments that make up Fuengirola. I first went here many moons ago and frankly not much has changed. The locals stay loyal, the food stays excellent, the prices more than reasonable and then there is Dani. Dani is a walking encyclopaedia of Spanish football and for a fanatic like me a visit to Dani’s is a highlight of the week. As I live 100 meters away, that means I have many highlights.

The walls are absolutely covered to floor to ceiling with football memorabilia and what I love is that it is not just the galácticos, culés and chés. There are team photos from the regional leagues with players whose sole aim is to do their best and enjoy their weekend sport. When I tell you that most of the photos are black and white you will see that Bar Casa Dani is a true Aladdin’s Cave …at ground level.

As for the food, a truly eclectic mix cooked by a professional chef and in all the time I have eaten there I have not been disappointed ever. Now, here comes the rub. This is not a tourist joint at tourist prices. All are welcome but there are no menus in 16 languages nor does Dani speak more than bar English. So, if you come, come in the right spirit and be prepared for sign language and a great time.

It’s on a pedestrian street (C/Marbella) just off the main square and you will find it’s open late ,……and that you WILL have football on the television whatever else is on the menu.

¡A Hidden Gem!