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Welcome to Business 1st, the Costa del Sol’s longest established networking association. Business 1st networking is a vital part of both doing business effectively and growing your business, especially if you are new to the area or are a small company having trouble getting publicity on a small budget. Business 1st only allows one member from each industry to join, therefore allowing you to effectively ‘lock-out’ your competition and maximize your business’s potential.

Becoming part of a Business 1st means becoming part of a 30 strong plus group of local businesses who meet twice a month over breakfast to network, make new contacts and effectively grow your business. The members will also serve as a source of referrals and leads for generating new business for you, as well as providing support, advice and friendship. Of course the idea of networking works both ways – as a member of Business 1st you will also be expected to actively contribute to the group on a regular basis, attending meetings, providing your own source of support, information and referrals to other members, as well as encouraging other businesses to join

With this in mind, we also organize frequent evening social events which serve as a chance for members to get to know each other on a personal level – we think this is an extremely important part of being able to pass on leads or referrals to other members – if we feel we know each other better, this then increases the trust level and the feeling of confidence to being able to pass on business to each other.

Finally, the Business 1st website is an excellent way to increase your public presence and exposure, and become part of an online directory open to the public. We are the only networking group on the Costa Del Sol with a live website which automatically feeds our blogs down to our Twitter, Face Book and Linked In account on a tri-weekly basis, this ensuring maximum exposure for you. People surfing the web can find your company details via the Business 1st website, and search within the website through the directory for the business or service they require. Equally, the profile and member pages give you the opportunity to describe your company and services.

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Join Us!

Business 1st has developed organically as an informal but structured networking group, with the idea in mind that the best new business contacts and referrals stem from a relaxed, friendly environment. The groups meets twice a month on Thursday mornings at The Club House, EL Chaparral Golf Club, La Cala De Mijas Mijas Costa

There is always time before breakfast to meet a few members for a chat and a coffee, then breakfast is served seated in groups – we actively encourage you to change tables and breakfast ‘partners’ each meeting in order to get to know all the members properly. Following breakfast, each member and guest is invited to provide a short presentation about their business; this is your chance to present to an uninterrupted audience – an excellent opportunity for getting your business idea across to a multitude of businesses and individuals, bearing in mind that each individual and business will have both business and social networks of their own….you are effectively tapping into an audience of thousands!

At every meeting, one member of the group will have the opportunity to give a longer, more in-depth presentation about their company, allowing other members to better understand what you do and therefore making it easier for them to think of possible referrals for you during their day to day activities. This is especially important for newer members whom the rest of the group are still getting to know.

The meeting comes to a conclusion around 9.45-10am following a summary, important points, and news about next meetings or social events from the group President. Members /guests often take this opportunity after the meeting for catching up with people they haven’t spoken to and exchanging business cards and contact information.

Interested in attending a meeting? We would love to meet you. Please click here to send us an email requesting an invitation to our next meeting near you, or for further information. Alternatively, call 664 227 200. All contact details can also be found on our ‘Contact Us’ page.