Crispy Cod

From the owner of the Crispy Cod

“I am proud to announce that in September the Crispy Cod was named as one of the top ten places in the world to sample fish and chips!

Skycanner conducted a poll for the world’s top ten fish and chips shops and we were named alongside establishments in Paris, New York, Scotland and Hong Kong.

This has been achieved after only two and a half years of me taking over the business. The article from Skyscanner led us to being featured in the “Daily Mirror”(November 13th),”Waitrose Weekend” (October 21st) and the “Glasgow Herald”. We also feature in articles on several websites.You can read in the following link what Travel Everywhere published about us

I would like to thank all my staff, suppliers and customers for helping me achieve this.”

So, more good news from Fuengirola and if you are fond of fish and chips, it sounds as if the Crispy Cod is the place to be! Congratulations!

The Crispy Cod has its own website here.