Fish Alley

Fish Alley or to give it its official name, Calle Moncayo, is a kilometer-long pedestrian street that runs almost parallel to the Fuengirola Promenade. It is basically a collection of every imaginable type of bar and restaurant. It’s not altogether clear where it begins and ends and many of the establishments just off the main street would also claim to be on Fish Alley so this article covers the whole area!

I agree that Fish Alley may not be 5th Avenue, Piccadilly Circus, the Champs Elysee or the Ké. It may not even be as famous as the Spanish La Castellana (Madrid) or La Rambla (Barcelona) but Fish Alley is known and loved literally world-wide as each year millions of visitors come to enjoy some of the best food in Spain ……and always at realistic prices. The street is crammed full of bars and restaurants and you can eat everything from English fish-‘n’-chips to Chinese bargain menus. There are restaurants representing most of the major international cuisines and offering everything from take-away snacks to top quality food at damask covered tables. Whatever you have, enjoy!

I have tried to highlight some of the best bars and restaurants on or close to Fish Alley:

La Vita è Bella

Moochers – Situated in the heart of Fuengirola’s eating area, Moochers Jazz Café occupies what used to be an old fisherman’s cottage. Established in 1993 Moochers has become one of the “must” places to visit. One visit and you’ll find out why! Fine food and great jazz – a powerful combination.

Oyster Bar – Just behind Calle Moncayo on Calle Olleria is a hidden gem on the Fuengirola map. It calls itself “Fuengirola’s Best Irish-Owned & Run Bar”, and who am I to argue with that?

The owners Laurence and Katarina O’Rourke run a spotlessly (and I mean absolutely spotlessly) clean and tidy little bar just a few meters from Fish Alley.

Dolphin Bar – unpretentious English “boozer”. No illusions of grandeur but a friendly locals’ bar with two TV screens and free Wifi

Le Vagabond – is situated just 100 meters from the main square on a pedestrian street where is stands out amongst the other bars, snack bars, cafes etc as a genuine restaurant. The biggest surprise is that you will enjoy French cuisine at a price way below what you would expect in France itself. In fact the last time I was there, they were doing a roaring trade with a 3 course evening special at just 7 euros! The other pleasant surprise is that one can happily order in English and the the menu is printed in no less than 6 languages so everybody should be happy!

It is easy to see why the restaurant is so popular and if you like to put a clean shirt or dress on and dine in the company of similar folk, then I can recommend Le Vagabond unreservedly.