Adventure Golf is a golf themed putting game that all ages can enjoy. It gives a really good test of putting skill for the better golfer and indeed golfers of all standards and also encourages those whose interest and expertise in golf and putting has yet to be revealed! Anyone can putt, but it is a real skill to master.

At Fuengirola we are very proud to have created a course that is mouth watering beautiful and also very playable for everyone. The water interacts with the golf in 10 holes out of the 19 and the changes in elevation, length and style keep the putter enthralled throughout.

Putter and ball hire are included in the course fee, as are a card and pencil for marking your score. You are welcome to bring your own putter, if you are keen to have a go at our course record for the month, but you need to use one of our balls as they are designed to float, which is a real advantage, should you misdirect a putt!

A round usually takes between 35 and 45 minutes depending on level of ability and the number of other players using the course. You can play on your own or in groups of two, three, four, five – up to a maximum of 6.

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