Le Vagabond – Cuisine Française

Well, this is a real hidden-gem. It is situated just 100 meters from the main square on a pedestrian street where is stands out amongst the other bars, snack bars, cafes etc as a genuine restaurant. The biggest surprise is that you will enjoy French cuisine at a price way below what you would expect in France itself. In fact the last time I was there, they were doing a roaring trade with a 3 course evening special at just 7 euros! The other pleasant surprise is that one can happily order in English and the the menu is printed in no less than 6 languages so everybody should be happy!

It is easy to see why the restaurant is so popular and if you like to put a clean shirt or dress on and dine in the company of similar folk, then I can recommend Le Vagabond unreservedly.

Restaurant Le Vagabond

Calle de la Cruz 8
29640 Fuengirola,

Tel: 95 2462 146 / 656 632 167