Miramar Shopping Centres

The huge Miramar Shopping Centre is, in fact, really two separate centres. El Centro Comercial Parque Miramar in Fuengirola and el Parque Comercial Miramar in Mijas. It comprises more than 160 stores, a 12-screen multiplex, a petrol station and an Eroski superstore. The two centres are almost adjacent on the southern end of the ring road near the castle and the water park.

It has an excellent website which inexplicably is only in Spanish. Anybody who knows me, will realise that I am passionate about expats learning Spanish but I do think it is very strange that a centre which attracts so many expats and tourists does not have at least some of its site in at least one or two other languages. That said, it is a well-laid out site and it should be relatively easy to work out opening hours etc. If you struggle for any information, just drop me a message and I will be pleased to assist.