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The Russian Recession Is Over

A service provided by an enterprising lady is generating extra business for Spain’s struggling and its most successful businesses. If you want to attract wealthy Russian speaking clients best to catch up with busy Russian language content translator, Nadia Walsh.

Although Nadia Walsh is based near Alicante, her clients, because her business is internet-based, includes a top Majorca hotel chain, mainland health centres, sailing schools, beauticians and real estate entrepreneurs. Russian-speaking Nadia is keen to see Russian customers and Spanish-based businesses benefit from high spending Russian holidaymakers, residents and investors.

Are the Russians really high spenders? Is the Pope a Catholic? For every €1 spent by their British counterpart the cash rich Russians spend €7 on local services. The Chief Executive of Benidorm’s leading hotel association says, “The Russian market is a goldmine waiting to be exploited.”

Restaurants setting their tables out for Russian diners are bucking the downturn all the year round. Terri, speaking on behalf of Eduardo’s Restaurant Chain in upmarket Villa Martin Plaza, says: “We as a restaurant chain are highly aware of how important the Russian community is to the economy here in Spain. We have our menus printed in Russian.”

We asked Nadia if to do business with Russians it was necessary to have a staff member who speaks Russian. It seems not. Most Russians can make themselves understood in the English language. However, they tend to do favour businesses with businesses that indicate a willingness to welcome them. This does not mean staff needs to speak Russian. It does underscore the importance of at least providing a few marketing paragraphs explaining your business in their language.
“Most people forget that the Russian rouble first made a positive impact in Cyprus, Switzerland, and the Alpine regions. Russian spenders are having a massive impact on London’s economy.”

Nadia is perturbed that smaller businesses are leaving the Russian market open to their larger rivals. The bubbly lady smiled: “Look, it costs about €50 to translate an average home page of less than 350 words. Not doing so is not a saving, it is an own goal; a classic case of spoiling a ship for a ha’porth of tar.” The Google translate option is not an option, she says. Put well written English or Spanish content in and see the mess Google makes of it when you want it to translate to English. “I spend a lot of time repairing amateurish content so why not ask me first. Asking for a quote costs nothing, turning away Russian clients costs a fortune.”

You can contact Nadia by emailing or contact her by calling 966 786 932 or mobile 662 067 490.

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