The team at Specsavers Ópticas Fuengirola have been inspired by World Oceans Day to share their top tips to live a greener life and avoid waste getting into our oceans, as part of their commitment to support causes which help the environment.

  1. Invest in a reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottles are hugely wasteful to produce and most of them end up in landfill, or floating in our oceans. It’s easy to stop buying bottled water by simply drinking water from the tap, using a water filter if you need to, and taking a reusable water bottle with you when you’re out and about. Charity Mi Moana are dedicated to protecting and cleaning the beaches, ocean, coastlines and rivers. They sell reusable bottles which help support the charity’s environmental work and reduce plastic pollution.

  • Stop using plastic bags

We switched from plastic to paper bags in 2018 to help offer our customers an eco-friendlier option when they purchase glasses, as plastic bags are a big problem for our environment. Millions of plastic bags end up in landfill each year and many end-up in our oceans, killing marine animals and adding to the plastic soup in our seas. Stopping using plastic bags is one easy change to make to become more eco-friendly. You could purchase a few reusable bags and leave them in the car or in an easy to remember place, so you don’t get caught without. Once you get into the habit it’s easy, will save you money and help the environment.

  • Take part in a beach clean

We’ve been sponsoring charity Mi Moana for the last two years, as we know how important it is to remove waste from our beaches and our seas to protect marine animals. They organise regular beach cleans and their partners Diving with Nic also take to the water to remove waste from the ocean directly. They are organising a pirate-themed event at the Chiringuito Royal Beach Pirata in Calahonda on the 10th of July which includes a treasure hunt for kids and a beach and ocean clean up. It starts at 10.30am and they welcome volunteers to help them collect as much as possible. If you dive, you can also join the team from Diving with Nic to clean up the water, but please contact them head to reserve your space.

Store director Amrik Sappal comments: ‘Specsavers Ópticas is committed to protecting the environment. We stopped using plastic bags in store in 2018 and help our customers to recycle their old glasses and put them to good use by collecting unwanted glasses for the Lions Club across all our stores. We’re proud to have been lending our support to Mi Moana since 2019, to help fund their education programme and beach clean events.’

Find out more about Mi Moana by visiting There are stores in Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. Visit to find your nearest Specsavers Ópticas store.