The Sushi Bar

Sushi is the new marmite? Well, no, it’s not a yeast extract BUT it is something that draws a reaction from most people in the same way as marmite does. Yet, many have not even tasted this new Japanese food trend! Well, all excuses are invalid now as Fuengirola has its own new sushi bar just by the bus station, so 5 minutes walk from the plaza or rail station.

The first time I entered I was a bit unsure but I had no need to be as a charming Argentinian waitress explained all. It’s really very simple. Everything is shown in pictures with explanations in both Spanish and English and if you want to be “adventurous” you can order a “menu” which is a pick and mix of up to a dozen different “tapas”. (I am not sure I should use that quintessentially Spanish word …but that’s what sushi is!)

Anyway, everything is spotlessly clean and welcoming so why not take the plunge and be the first of your friends to savour the delights of sushi. Enjoy!

They have a home delivery service and a website