Tip Top Laptops


More than ever, computers have become a standard household item, much like televisions, fridges and washing machines. Almost every home now has one or several PCs and as space gets more and more limited, many people are‚ opting for laptops, notebooks or netbooks.


Whilst these devices can nowadays be purchased cheaper than a standard desktop computer - and, in many cases, just as powerful - there is a downside in that they are prone to accidents and theft.
Electronbox & PC Doctor has one of the most advanced state-of-the-art laptop repair labs on the Coast. Among the many services that the company offers, they have specialised in this field over the past 10 years and have fixed thousands of laptops during this time.

Philippe Michel, Managing Director of Electronbox & PC Doctor, comments “The range of problems we come across is particularly varied. Some people have dropped their laptops, spilt coffee on them, or even driven over them. Some laptops come in with burnt out components from overheated batteries or clogged fans. ‚ One of the most common issues is the spilling of liquids. ‚ When this happens, the best thing to do is to immediately unplug the computer, remove the battery, turn it upside down and, if possible, clean the affected area with warm water. Then use a blow-dryer to get all the water out and leave the laptop in a warm place for several days to let it dry. ‚ You will be amazed at how effective this method is. ‚ Unfortunately, most people tend to panic, and in order to see if it is still working, will try to switch it on while it is still wet, resulting in a short circuit and damage to the internal components.”

1. Battery overheating

2. Smashed screen

3. Burnt power input socket

* * *

With several highly qualified technicians and dedicated electronic engineers, Electronbox & PC Doctor has helped many people recover data from their laptops.‚ On many occasions, repairs have been successful even though the client had been informed by someone else that it was not possible. ‚ Cliff Dale, shareholder and senior technician at Electronbox & PC Doctor advises people not to try and fix the units themselves. ‚ He adds “most times, if we had received the laptop untouched and in good time, we could have probably repaired it at a fraction of the cost. The problem gets worse when people have tried to open the laptop case and in doing so accidentally break joints, lose screws or disconnect components unwarily. Many subsequently do not remember how to reconnect everything to put it back together. Laptops are delicate machines and often spare parts are more expensive than buying a brand new one.”

Cliff suggests that everyone should clean their laptop at least two or three times a year, using a standard vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the keyboard and fan areas, a common cause of many laptop failures.

Electronbox & PC Doctor have been operating on the Costa del Sol since 2000 and with over 15,000 clients, they are one the biggest IT companies on the coast, providing solutions to both home and business users alike.

The company’s main offices are located in Avenida Clemente Díaz Ruiz 8, half way between the Fuengirola train station and Barclays Bank. ‚ You can call them on 902 007 202 and they also have a 24 hour support line 807 488 440. Alternatively send an e-mail to info@electronbox.net or visit the website www.electronbox.net.