Discover Malaga’s magic like a local with GuruWalk

Travelling to Malaga? GuruWalk Malaga has you covered with their pay-what-you-want walking tours. Don’t lose time planning ahead: book a so-called guruwalk for free and once in the city, let the local guide show you everything Malaga has to offer, and share with you secrets, recommendations and hidden places.

With their tip-based tours, GuruWalk is shaking up the travel industry offering an unique way to discover a city while meeting people and having a great time. The perfect combination between culture, entertainment and socializing, that you’ll have to try if you want to have a real taste of Malaga. The local guides, also known as gurus, are people passionate about their city ready to walk around with you explaining among others the history, lifestyle, gastronomy, and monuments. The best part? Since they are only rewarded through tips given at the end of the itinerary, they push towards being fun and creative until the last minute.

In Malaga, many guruwalks are available for you to enjoy, both in English and Spanish, and with different itineraries, topics and schedules. If you wish to explore the maze of walls and windy paths of one of the most stunning Arabic palaces in Europe, we’d recommend you to book the Alcazaba tour. The Alcazaba is a moorish fortification that was built during the Taifa period for military purposes. Its magnificiency and the well-preserved citadel around it makes the Alcazaba a must see when in Malaga. If you’d rather walk around the city visiting the most beautiful places while learning more about Pablo Picasso’s life, a couple of guruwalks will allow you to do so. Born in 1881 in Malaga, Picasso spent only 10 yearss in the city, but ten years where enough to always remember Malaga fondly. If what you are looking is to discover Malaga in a different way, take Amanda’s guruwalk and you’ll already have one friend in the city. Amanda has been living for many years abroad and now that she is back in Malaga, she wants to show you the secrets of her city. She loves traveling and getting to know people from all over the world. Dare to walk with her!

Regarding the company, GuruWalk has been around since spring 2017 and they already have guruwalks listed in more than 200 cities worldwide, and a community of more than 30 000 travelers and 800 guides that keeps growing and growing every day. The company was created in Spain and is known for offering tours like you’ve never experienced before. Gathering together more than a thousand tours, it all started with a dream: promoting tourism in developing countries. But the concept quickly spread through the rest of the world, mainly due to the attractiveness of being able to pay whatever you wish for the service received.

But the pricing isn’t the greatest advantage. What truly differentiates GuruWalk, is the people behind the tours. Every guide has his own story to tell and his own view of the city, and all of them are eager to meet people and learn about different cultures while having fun. Then, the reviews go a step further allowing you to verify the content of the tour and the quality of the guide, so you can have a realistic and transparent way of checking beforehand what you are about to book. Also, since the booking is completely free, you can book a tour beforehand and cancel it later (just contacting your guru) if you end up changing your mind. A total win if your travel plans are never a 100% sure.

We hope you enjoy your GuruWalk Malaga tour